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Author Topic: A moment of reflection  (Read 938 times)


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A moment of reflection
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:09:06 AM »
I couldn't sleep this morning and got to thinking about how far we have come since DS started in 2010.

Back in 2010 there was only one open detecting forum in Scotland as well as small club forums including SARG and SDC and there were no open weekly digs occurring nor had there been any significan rallies for a couple of years.

You can read some of the discussion here, to avoid confusion my initial username was 'thefastestsperm' lol when I first became a mod I changed it to grant :-)

Now 5 years on we are holding weekly digs that are the best attended in Scotland and have had a superb summer rally whilst raising the best part of £10k for charity in a single year!

As you can see in the above link there was both support and scepticism when I first tried to rouse people into getting a bit more open and inclusive situation but with the support of staff and of course Geoff the original owner and designer of DS we strived to improve and do things the way our members wanted not make the mistake of being focused on what money we can make from people.

It's true it's not all been plain sailing as instability and bad decisions were taken which had ripple effects and took a while to rectify but you the DS membership continued to support the discussions and events held and slowly but surely we got back to the the top of Scottish detecting.

The churn of DS staff is a good thing for DS as it keeps things fresh with new ideas coming in as new mods start fully enthused for the role and time served mods take a back seat and well deserved rest lol (I've envied them at times)

As we get closer to the fat man in red coming down our chimneys I wanted to assure everyone that we will continue to deliver the quality digs that have been synonymous with the name detectingscotland and we will continue to provide the forum as a much needed resource and social meeting place for the like minded in the way we have all become used to.

We will also continue to LISTEN to what you the member wants from YOUR DS rather than try to impose our wishes upon you. The midweek club is an example of this.

First Aid Equipment update:

So far in addition to the first aid kit we are halfway to our target to buy an AED we also have blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring equipment.

we have bought UHF/VHF radios and will get a couple more

We have bought space blankets for hypothermia

We have got signal flares for calling in an air ambulance if appropriate

We are writing SOPs for an emergency response in the event of a casualty

In a nutshell you will be safer in the field with DS than you would be in your own living room!

If there is anything we do not already do then why not suggest it (within reason) and we can look at it.

In the meantime HH for what's left of 2015 and best of luck for the new year!

Xmas newsletter will follow next month around the time of the Xmas Dig TBC

If you wish to join us in Boarhills this week beside the dovecote hammy field then click here:
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