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Author Topic: Reply For Rob Crepitis on Fisher F75 recommendation due to problem mail Box.  (Read 1341 times)


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Hi Rob.
Please excuse me for posting your message that have found in my message box and had intended to answer this sooner but have been unwell.
For some reason your message box has blocked me from sending replies so just wandered if there was a problem or something wrong with your settings. ;D

Here is your message rob and will answer as requested afterwards.

"Hi Keith.

I hope you dont mind me picking your brains but I know that you have experience of using both the E-Trac and the Fisher f75.

I currently use an E-Trac, and I am very happy with its capabilities,  but on the last couple of outings I have been getting a bit of pain in my elbow after a couple of hours detecting and Im thinking about going for a lighter machine.

In your opinion does the Fisher compare favorably with the E-trac in performance,  and in what points does it respectively trail and exceed the E-Trac ?

I use Grey Ghost NDT headphones, do you know if they will work as well with the Fisher as they do with the E-Trac ?
Thanks for any help you can give me .

Regards, Bob.

Hi Bob.
The E-trac is a relatively heavy detector and as you know i have used most of the minelabs and got rid of my Ctx 3030 a few years back and have had tennis elbow in both arms and did no detecting for a year.

The F75 Ltd with Dst which is my Second F75 is as deep as the E-trac if not deeper at times dependent on settings.It has lightening fast recovery speed and is extremely sensitive to tiny items.It is also much lighter than the E-trac.The Five inch coil that comes with the F75 is also very deep for a 5 inch coil and is superb in trashy areas with lots of iron Nails etc.
The Battery life is also superb with 4 x aAA Batteries lasting over 40 hours which beats the Etrac hands down and even with the new Lithium polymer batteries.
I would recommend the F75 to anyone Rob and i know you use the Deus Now as i do but would never sell or stop using the F75.

Sorry i could not get this on to your personal mail box for what ever reason Rob.
All the best mate
Ps have not heard from you on Rogers for a while.


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Gosh ! that message was from a couple of years ago. Thanks for the reply.  :)
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Gosh ! that message was from a couple of years ago. Thanks for the reply.  :)

I have just Noticed this Bob, so again sorry about that.
I would have answered by Pm but again your Mail box has locked me out mate for what ever reason.
How you doing anyway.
Getting on good with the Deus i expect.