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Author Topic: Tesoro Cibola - super lightweight which packs a heavy punch  (Read 714 times)


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Tesoro Cibola for sale in good clean condition

I bought this machine about a year and a half ago to use as a secondary machine to my old mate Mr Deus however I haven't used it much and Mrs Fiddich is always complaining that its in her way and taking up too much space in our cupboard so its time to part company (sob) and go  :o  :'(

Its a super lightweight machine which is good if you have a bad back or sore arms as you can detect for hours without any fatigue, its  a sound only detector but looks great in its lime green design and the few times that I have used it, its found the goods and it has helped me to find part of my Roman silver Denarius hoard when I found 45 silver Denarius last year in the Scottish Borders.

The Tesoro Cibola has lightening fast recovery speed, so if your own search area has a high infestation of minerals and signals in the ground then this baby will work extremely well in  separating the good signals from the bad signals in that type of ground, 8)  I find that it loves finding silver and maybe I should be keeping this machine and selling my Deus instead  :o  :-\

Also comes with a control box rain cover

It might be a super lightweight but it packs a heavy punch  ;D  ;D

Please read Gary's review on this machine here

£195.00 no offers

Phone Number 07514 223440


can collect from the Edinburgh area or can bring to a dig - cash only please

Thanks for looking - Glen
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