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DetectingScotland.com - Metal Detecting in Scotland, UK » Forum » Buying and Selling » Detectors for Sale » Minelab sov gt gone gone gone

Author Topic: Minelab sov gt gone gone gone  (Read 726 times)


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Minelab sov gt gone gone gone
« on: February 01, 2017, 09:25:41 PM »
Hi all, have a deus, and just ordered a ctx, so all bases covered now,,,   So for sale my minelab sov gt 10 inch tornado coil, charger with chargable battery pack, and pack for normal batterys, hip mount cover.and a bungee harness, late one with little use, not bashed up rubish and sctatched to f, just used for an odd beach day.
looking for £450  ono
cheers steve  now sold
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