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Author Topic: XP Deus WS4 backphones  (Read 634 times)


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XP Deus WS4 backphones
« on: September 25, 2017, 05:21:03 PM »
Selling like new the controller for WS4 XP backphones. Regton purchase Aug. 2014 so could still be in warranty if 5 years. The actual phones are not new (new set of foam pads included), I think those were sold along with my Deus. The wrist band and headphone PCB are new, my intention was to plug a set of xp blue backphones into the wristband and use it with the coil but never got round to it and now have a CTX. Original box, serial number matches the controller. £150 the lot. I'm in Falkirk. Cheers.