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Author Topic: Want to make some money or save money? Uncle Bob can tell you how!  (Read 838 times)


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Posted on behalf of DS Member Uncle Bob:

Metal detecting – like any other addiction! – can be an expensive hobby by the time you take into account all the kit, machines, Dig fees, and (certainly for me) the cost of travel, and often meals and overnight stops.

The return in terms of buttons and bits of lead just don’t cover them costs (!) but I was lucky enough to find a part time business years ago (March 1999) providing household and business utilities and services via a National Discount Club which has saved me, and earned me and others, a lot of money so that I can comfortably afford all that, and much more.

I would now like to share that with you but out of respect for the Forum and in keeping with the ‘anti spam' rules of the Company I work for, I will only give the details out if someone asks for them, so ...

If you would like to know what I do, or think you might like to get yourself a part time ‘work from home’ business, or just save money on your everyday household or business costs and shopping, just message me with your e-mail address and I’ll let you know.

… and yes of course it’s legal, it’s easy and it most certainly works …

Trust me - I’m a Detectorist!!
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