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Author Topic: Copper Alloy scottish figures  (Read 921 times)


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Copper Alloy scottish figures
« on: August 24, 2011, 06:49:33 PM »
Just had the report back from Stuart reference my Scottish Copper Alloy figures, my email to him and his reply is as below plus the photo:
This hopefully will show those detectorists that have yet to declare anything that Stuart is very approachable, I received the reply a short time later.

Hi Stuart

This object is a metal detecting find by myself in a set aside pasture field previously ploughed near a modern field boundary, at a depth of 7" in thick clay type soil exact lat long GPS coordinates are N xxxxxxxx W xxxxxxxx.
This was a very short detecting session due to heavy liquid sunshine consequently no other finds nearby, no occupational dwellings/buildings in the immediate vicinity showing on older maps
This find and may well need recording in accordance with TTU regulations and or may be of interest to you, I also would appreciate your expert opinion Stuart.

Overall weight 206gm, approx 8mm thick, possibly copper alloy, green patina, possibly paint? no obvious sign of rear fixing points? (faint circle to lower rear and possibly top rear right)

Female, bonnet poss ribbon, rear arm around waist or linked in arm of male, front arm upwards holding right male arm? dress elbow length flounced or shawl wrapped round lower dress heavily cinched at waist then full length poss pleated/plaid with outer upper shorter more heavily decorated covering, petite shoes. Her and his leg positions imply movement, walking/dancing? Possibly a flower clenched in mouth?

Male, lowland type bonnet or well to-do style of lowland bonnet, bow to front possibly a badge above but far from certain. Face tilted down towards companion, looks like a moustache and possibly a small beard. Left arm crooked up to object on left shoulder (very slight chance of it being a keg) whatever it is he is not drinking from it.
Jacket buttoned up front and highly likely straps and buckles cinched corset hussar type, arms flounced to above wrist then in before flounce to finish. Belt with square type buckle with possible jacket bottom finishing on upper thigh.
Sword on left waist possibly a basket hilted broadsword.  Legs stockings or similar, possibly knee length boots? buckled. His right hand may be holding left hand of female round his waist? or he is holding object or he has additional equipment/clothes here. (I think it is her hand)
The figures are in a very cavalier type style. Possibly a box/trunk mount/household decoration? Not the normal horse type mount but location makes this more likely and not a suitable subject for carriage mount. Do not think it is of any great age, my best guess  at date is 1800s to1900s. However Stuart I may be completely wrong, lol.

Possibly some lettering in lower scroll field the object looks cast and shows filing marks ? on lower edge, hopefully I have given enough information to give you a feel for it.

Object has only been cleaned with running water to remove mud and air dried, no other cleaning has taken place.

Look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Kind regards


Stuarts reply

Hi Robin,

Thanks for this. My first reaction would be that the costumes are something of a pastiche and perhaps reflect theatrical characters, so a scene or genre which would be familiar to the viewers. A lot of these pieces were copied from other genres or pictures and I have seen other similar things in the past. I would suggest a 19th century date.


Stuart" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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