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Author Topic: Congratulations  (Read 1455 times)


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« on: February 16, 2012, 10:51:36 AM »
We’ve just passed our second anniversary – our first members joined the site in late January 2010 – and I thought it might be worth looking back at what we’ve all achieved over the last two years.

In that brief two years has grown into by far the largest and most popular metal detecting website in Scotland. During the last month alone over 116,000 pages of the site were viewed by enthusiasts all over the world. That figure is getting larger every month. Well over a million pages of the site have been viewed over the last year and we expect to be pushing the two million mark for page views this year.

It is our policy that the site can be openly viewed by anyone in the world and that means that in addition to our 600+ members thousands of guests use the site over the course of a month. Our policy of openness means that has become the public face of metal detecting in Scotland throughout the world.

We are widely recognized as the National Metal Detecting Website for Scotland including by major manufacturers such as Minelab. Our events and successes are regularly reported in magazines such as Treasure Hunting.

All this success is, of course, due to all the effort put in by a lot of people.

Thanks to Grant (Admin), Lucky, Briso and all the moderators for all the hard work they put into keeping the site running smoothly. Thanks to Briso for organizing our rallies and to Tafflaff and the other people who have found us land to detect on.

Thanks also to all the members of the site for their many interesting contributions. If anyone needs to know anything about metal detecting, is the place to come. The depth of knowledge and experience on the subject held by our members is unrivalled anywhere else.

Thanks to everyone for making not only by far and away the biggest metal detecting website in Scotland but also definitely the best.


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Re: Congratulations
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 01:29:42 PM »
d.s is on par with the detectorist down in england same amount of members
and just as popular.......well done ds........regards

Korky III

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Re: Congratulations
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2012, 06:44:55 PM »
Detecting Scotland is a credit to the Scottish community, I have recently got back into detecting and the welcome I got from this forum was great, special thanks to Grant whos helped me along the way and has allowed me to tag along with him on some digs  ;D

The first dig I attended I think I spent more time socialising with other members than I did metal detecting and everyone was plesant and respectful of there surroundings and land owners.

Many thanks again to DS and it's members  :)