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Author Topic: Fisher F5 for sale  (Read 1311 times)


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Fisher F5 for sale
« on: June 06, 2012, 08:11:37 AM »
Hi folks my first post.  I recently upgraded to the XP Deus.  I have a nearly new (only been out on two digs) and warrantied Fisher F5 detector.
Its a nice machine and a good coin hunter with nice analogue and digital mix of controls.   I'm looking for £300 as it is only a few weeks old!
Included with the unit a coil cover,  and control box cover.  Original box and Joan Allens receipt.
If you are interested drop me a message on my answering machine (if im out).   Craig 0141 5879349 (Renfrew area).
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Re: Fisher F5 for sale
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2012, 10:47:29 AM »
Good luck with the sale mate  ;)