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Author Topic: Some FID info and instructions  (Read 2074 times)


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Some FID info and instructions
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:07:24 AM »
FID was formed in 1982 and is the largest non-profit making organization, nationally recognized, we are able to be the voice of our members and reach all the places that count.

FID has been organized primarily for individuals who are unable to attend a club, through distance, age, illness, and unemployment or home ties. However through popular demand membership of FID is now open to all DETECTORISTS who support its code of conduct and aims.

Join FID and you will be covered by public liability insurance for £10,000,000. At no extra cost to you. FID is not connected in any way to the metal detecting industry, or any other commercial interest. The executive is made up of six existing members all dedicated supporters of the hobby.

We will raise all your questions with the necessary people either directly or through the British Forum for Metal Detecting. Affiliation to the BFMD is automatic once you are accepted as a FID member and is totally FREE. We will then notify you of the answer(s) to your question(s) as soon as we have them, we do not guarantee to get all the right replies but you can be assured we will do our best.


Please ensure to read and fill in the enclosed application form carefully, plainly and enclose the correct items required, Cheque, Postal Order, Stamps and the Label with your own address on it. This will enable us to process your application by our usual method (by return of post).

Detectingscotland.com Senior Citizens & the Unemployed.

We are pleased to be able to offer a discount of £2.00 to DS Senior Citizens, Unemployed or Long Term Sick, if proof is enclosed; this discount is available provided you can supply the appropriate proof, And is satisfactory to the Secretary.


Young Person(s).

We are sorry but we are unable to offer a reduced fee for young people, as after joining we only charge £4.50 per year.

If you allow your membership to lapse for some reason or other, when you renew your membership, you will be required to pay the joining fee plus your subscription for the year. There is some exceptional circumstance where the committee will wave this rule, please telephone us for advice.


As we try to keep the membership fee to a minimum, any Cheque returned through lack of funds, the costs incurred would have to be paid by you. As this causes, inconvenience and expense to the federation.

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