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Author Topic: Cscope Newforce R1  (Read 1560 times)

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Cscope Newforce R1
« on: August 20, 2014, 06:15:14 PM »
This is my machine,and it is a great performer,goes deep ,brilliant on silver, easy to use and batteries last a liftime.
C.SCOPE R1 Specifications

* Battery Type: 8 x AA, MN1500 or equivalent, alkaline cells recommended.
* Supply Voltage: 12v DC (nominal), 13.8v DC (max)
* Supply Current: 55mA (no backlight) 100mA (backlight full on)
* Battery Life: 40 Hours normal detecting using alkaline batteries and no backlight
* Battery Indicator: Alkaline: Full 13.2V Empty 8.5V
* Rechargeable: Full 10.8V Empty 8.5V
* Audio Frequency: 100Hz to 5.5kHz, 714Hz (nominal)
* Transmit frequency: 6.097kHz, 6.250kHz, 6.410kHz
* Search Coils: 25cm concentric - also included free a 15cm '2D'


* On-board computer control
* 64 x 128 pixels LCD display with back-light
* Full range metal discrimination on screen with numbers 0 – 20, target categories, ground radar simulation
* Different audio tone for metal discrimination
* 4 Target 'Learn' accept/reject functions
* New lightweight control box
* Moisture/dust resistant features
* 3 Custom programs store & recall & 3 factory preset programs
* 3 operating frequencies
* Target pin-point control
* Battery condition monitor
* Search head status icon
* Automatic ground tuning
* Sensitivity adjustable, AC Gain/DC Gain
* Lightweight, thin 27cm 'POLO' concentric search-head and free DD 15cm head

Surprisingly not too many people know that much about the R1 .I have found it to be deep and powerful and extremeley strong on small silver.Best out of all the machines I have used as yet since 1979.
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