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Author Topic: GM Deep .Getting more for less on the Deus  (Read 1545 times)


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GM Deep .Getting more for less on the Deus
« on: January 17, 2015, 12:13:07 AM »
Copy GM program into spare Slot
and with a little tinkering  ;)
try this program for pulling the hammys out at average swing speed .

Disc. 6.0 or lower if the Ground can take it .or drop it to 4.0 in and around a hotspot for coins.

SENS. I just leave on Auto , as ground conditions and mineralisation of soil is ever changing up here its to much Hassle keeping an eye on it.more depth can be achieved though with manual settings.

2 Tone.
Hit  Expert button  after adjustments to Discrimination . And opt for 2 Tones  which in my opinion is easier to distinguish deep Good targets

Tones .Tone 1 - 200  Tone  2 - 690

Press Expert button again .The 2 Tones can also be adjusted .Higher for Good targets .lower for most of the Bad.
The Tone adjustments are  up to you how high or low you go . The settings above works for me :blank:

Frequency. 17.Khz
Tis best for small silver Items.more depth can be achieved by 12khz less sensitive to Small silvers .

Have seen the Deus pull Small silvers on 12 khz on an Ambers Rally while myself and another tecy drew a blank.Think the general consensus is 17khz.

Iron volume 4
Good for hearing whats underfoot and also helps hearing deep Targets .
As the Dues has the fastest responce or reaction time in pulling a good target out of infested areas why wouldnt you want to hear whats underfoot .
theres  a very high percentage of coins found in in the iron clusters in fields . :o if its too infested work the edges of the iron cluster , as it thins out
Tis one of the jooses biggest strengths :)

Reactivity 2
As said above this detector is  very fast in detecting terms  dropping Reactivity back a little will achieve more depth on a medium swing

Expert button again 

Audio Responce 4
Expert button again
Audio Overload 1

 Notch oooo
Tis up to you I dont use it 
you can notch out say numbers 1 to 44   and you wont here any hot rocks or coal
my preference is to hear them a bit . As it helps locate habitation areas that can be worked

Notes  .
The sounds are more important than the numbers on deep targets . The sound is will give a more accurate responce. The numbers are accurate low to mid depth .
when you hear a deep target which is faint  . Shallow , with eratic numbers particularly 85 to 95 . Dig it  .  ;)  And your there with this program .

This is what I have settled on after 2 years
its what I use on 95  percent of my Ground for optimum performance
Garrys hot program when occassion demands

Hope  the accompanied notes and info help
please post  up if you find a deep hammy
I Garrantee y wont miss the medium depth ones

Still to complete


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Re: GM Deep .Getting more for less on the Deus
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2015, 03:10:43 PM »
After attending Amber Rally down south last week I was surprised by a couple of detectorists  who had used this program with a lot of success
Post up  yr hammys Ian  :)